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Dottie Potter Memorial 

Open Horse Show

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Thank you for pre-registering!  

It saves us ALL time at check-in AND

puts your name in the pre-entry PRIZE drawing!  


We're so happy that you'll be joining us at our show!


Please SUBMIT the completed form before

Friday, June 8 at 12 noon.   

When your entry form is received, a confirmation email will be sent within 24 hours. 

If you have any concerns that we've received your entry, email us at and we will let you know. 


You do not pay at this time, you will pay at the show when you check in. 

We accept check or cash (sorry NO debit/credit cards accepted). 

If you want to add and scratch at the gate, you will need to leave an open check or at least $50 extra cash at the show office.  (Any unused cash will be refunded at the end of the show). 

Of course we will also accept entries the day of the show. 

Just be aware that it will take more time at the show office to sign up, so you need to give yourselves more time so you don't miss your first class. 

***PLEASE NOTE:  We are doing WARM UP TRAIL as CLASS #49.*** 

If you would like a trail warm up at the show, please enter class #49. 

Thank you!


Are you entering the classes you need to enter to be

eligible for the High Point Award in your division? 


OH!  OH!  OH! 

What about the TROPHY BUCKLE? 

What classes do you need to enter to

be eligible to win the BUCKLE!!

Best of luck! 





Make sure you Submit your entry.

PLEASE NOTE:  Before participating in our show, YOU MUST SIGN our RELEASE OF LIABILITY FORM.  You may obtain a form at the show office the day of the show OR you may print one out (click on the button below) and bring it with you.  THANK YOU!  

See you there!!!

Good luck and HAVE FUN!

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