What is 3 Rider Arena Sorting?

 Three riders wait at one end of the arena and 10 numbered cows at the other end.  Between them is a partial gate and imaginary line that triggers a timing clock.  At the sound of the horn, a number is announced and the riders move the cow with that number across the timing line and then do the same for each subsequent cow in numerical order.  If a cow with the wrong number crosses the line out of order or a cow that was moved across the line successfully then goes back across the line to be with the herd, the run is disqualified and no score is earned.  The clock runs for 60 seconds and ends when the horn sounds again.  The cattle that are successfully sorted become the score for that run.  It's a fun and fast paced event, and you never know what a cow will do to get away from the riders.  Successful runs are a result of skill, but also of luck and the responsiveness of the cattle.

Riders showing great teamwork!

Three Rider Arena Sorting

2021 Workshops

Dates to be announced

All levels welcome!

2021 Spring Series

Arena Sorting Competition

May 1,  June 5 


Also Jackpot Class! 

All random draw teams

All experience and age levels

Sorting Series:  $40 for 5 runs
Daily Award to top rider in each division

 Beat the Clock (50 seconds) $5 for the day

Jackpot/Drawpot:  $25 per rider per team, max 3 teams

Beat the Clock (40 seconds) $10 for the day


Please Note!

Jackpot Sign ups from 7:30 to 8:15AM    

Jackpot Sorting starts at 9:00AM

Sorting Series Sign ups from 9 to 9:30AM

Sorting Series Sorting will start immediately following Jackpot


Please read!


  1.  Jackpot sign-ups will be in office from 7:30am to 8:15am.

  2. The day will start at 9am with the jackpot when the cattle are the freshest.

  3. The price will be $25 per draw/run (all random draw).  You may ride on up to 3 teams.

  4. Beginners can watch and learn from the more experienced riders.

  5. Beat the Clock remains at $10/day and the pot can only be won once in a day.  The payout will go to the fastest team with 10 head under the 40 seconds for the day.    



1.   Sorting Series sign-ups will be in the office from 9 to 9:30am.

2.  Sorting Series will start immediately following the jackpot. 

3.  The price will be $40 for 5 draws/runs (all random draw).  If the teams are uneven when doing the draw, other riders can fill in.  (Fill in rides do not count for points)  

4.  We will announce team numbers continuously so that the participants will know when their next team is coming up. 

5.  The Beginner teams will continue to be interspersed between the Intermediate/Advanced #1/#2 teams. 

6.  Beat the Clock remains at $5/day and the pot can only be won once in a day.  The payout will go to the fastest team with 10 head under the 50 seconds for the day.   



1.  Price of lunch will increase to $10.

2.  Lunch will always be at Noon.  Whatever is happening, we will stop and break for lunch.


Payment by cash or check only, no credit/debit cards

Cattle provided by JR Productions
Lunch possibly available for purchase, must order at sign up

If you have questions about arena sorting

Call Alesia (951) 318-0866

or Brad at (951) 529-3273


Email:  YucaipaArenaSorting@Gmail.com

Come join the fun!


The Buckle Series "Beat the Clock" (sort all 10 cows in UNDER 50 seconds) Pot was won by Sally, Sandra, and Karisma at the September 2019 event!  Wow what a great day and Congratulations to all!!  The Jackpot "Beat the Clock" Pot is still at $1200!

Come on down and try to win it! 

Congratulations to Jim, Brad and Sherry, winners of the Jackpot Beat the Clock Pot for sorting all 10 cows in UNDER 40 seconds!  WAY TO GO!

Save time at registration!

 Click below for the entry form/waiver to print, fill out,

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 Click below for the entry form to print, fill out, and bring with you.

Please note: This is a also a release, waiver of liability, and indemnity agreement and absolutely MUST be signed by parent or guardian if you are under 18.



2019  Fall High Point Standings 

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